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Final Major Project: The Exhibition – Feedback

I was so fortunate to receive a lot of feedback during the exhibition.

Feedback Cards:-

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Email Feedback:-

“This looks amazing. Thank you for all that you are doing to change the message”– The Rt Revd Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester

“I’ve been following your project for quite a long time – blog and Instagram and I think it was not only a brilliant idea but a model for how to follow a concept through from start to finish in an engaging, sometimes playful and yet serious way. The website is comprehensive and clearly laid out and I enjoyed watching your artist talk and listening to the interview. Wishing you much success in the future.” – Catherine Banks, Photographer

“This is a body of work which addresses a serious issue in an entertaining way and with a lightness of touch. Interesting and informative, it has been a pleasure to watch this project developing. Well done Jo.” – Philip Morris, peer

“Brilliant exhibition. The photos enhanced to make ‘me’ more appealing on Instagram were very interesting. My favourites were California and London. It was good to chat through some of the lengths people will go to in order to change their appearance! The depth to which you developed this subject is amazing and to a non-makeup wearing non-enhancing image ‘older’ person I learned a heck of a lot!” – Margaret Coleman


Survey Feedback:-

“How do we know where we start from? How do we know what is the truth? What is real? What is our identity? Who are we? How do we determine our identity? You are really embracing who you are and yourself in this exhibition.” – anon

“Are you struggling with your own identity? Or are you concerned with the impact of SM on others?” – Mary

“None of us really know what we look like in real life – a mirror is just a reverse image with light coming in at different angles.” – John

“Thank you for the honesty in your work” – Sarah


Verbal Feedback:-

“Tim Berners-Lee couldn’t have known what he would unleash on the world” – Elizabeth

“Really great exhibition. Would you be interested in an artist’s talk in January? Keep in touch and we can organise something.” – Fred Chance, Co-curator of PhotoStroud

“Love the mask of divine proportion and the contour tribe –they really caught my eye. I am exploring crossdressing myself and love your work exploring issues around makeup. It is really encouraging me to keep going with the cross-dressing. Thank you” – anon

“I am from Germany and we do not have the same obsession with social media that you have here. In the UK it is huge. Young people look at their phones every 8 minutes – I heard this on the radio. I hope it all crashes down soon so that people talk to each other more. My grand-daughter is obsessed with her looks and she doesn’t need to be as she is so pretty. It is such a shame. I wish you lots of luck in raising awareness.” – Rosalinde

“How do we stop ourselves slipping down this path? I worry for my daughter – she spends hours in imaginary worlds ‘making’ money and presenting herself in an imaginary way. I really hope your work highlights the issues to everyone and creates more conversation – we need to talk about this and stop the slippery slide.” – Rachel

“Really interesting work – are you represented by a gallery yet? You should be. This work should be on display in London – it is contemporary art and should be seen – I have seen nothing like this – excellent work. Thank you for sharing it.” – Margarita

“The combination of sayings and images on your Instagram gallery is really interesting. The ‘love your #selfie’ saying with your unaltered portrait is genius” – Liam

“This is better than the last thing I saw at the Tate” – Bob, local artist

“This is the best and most professional show we have seen in this gallery” – Sophia and Neil, local artists

“An awful lot of research has gone into this project – I hope you take it further” – Carol, doctoral student in psychology

“I really dislike how Portraitpro changes people so that it doesn’t look like them. Thank you for an interesting exhibition that has given us lots to talk about and lots to think about as photographers”  – Local photography club

“Consider the use of the labels. They are useful for adding information but would be better as an information panel on the image itself” – David, local artist

“You are so much better looking in real life” – anon

“You are so clever – it is really good to highlight these things – we need to talk about them
Love the titles of the images, especially the bags under my eyes are Chanel. Must be surreal to look at so many images of yourself- although we all do it on social media. I am in my 50s and have only just learned to love myself for who I am. Once we post an image online, it is no longer ours – anyone can use it, change it etc. – SCARY!” – Janet

“I really want to see what happens next –this is like the first rung on the ladder to understanding our online identity. The large images remind me of Chuck Black’s large portraits and of Jaye Saville’s work. Love the mask of divine proportion” – George

“Your digital presence and identity is part of your real identity. See too many people edit their pics online and then obsess about becoming that person in real life. Your work reminds me of Cindy Sherman and the work of ORLAN. Social media is too obsessive – I came off my personal profile because I became too obsessed – I would only get 50 likes for a selfie and a friend would get 100. I would then compare myself to them and began to question what was wrong with me if I only got 50 likes. At that point, I decided it was too negative to stay on there. Your lashes images remind me of drag queen makeup” – Sam

“Wow! Seeing you here amongst your work is like seeing a movie star!” – Jane

“This exhibition was highly commended by Fred Chance who told us to come. He was right – it is amazing. Wow, what a lot of work” – Sue and David

“Incredible how you are able to transform yourself and reflect that back to the viewer. You are so malleable in the work. I can hardly believe all the pictures are of you” – anon

“Great exhibition – do you do seances?” – anon – this was by far the strangest thing said to me during the exhibition. I did ask the lady to repeat the question and she said exactly the same thing. I politely declined! Only in Stroud.

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Final Major Project: Marketing Materials – Exhibition Support Booklet / Zine

Views of the completed booklet / zine.

Previous post about format of the document.

Printer specification:-

  • 148mm x 148mm
  • Cover – 250gsm silk artboard, matt lamination on outside
  • Pages – 170gsm silk art paper
  • Full colour process throughout
  • Stapled spine
  • 36 pages in total


The final quality was superb. The cover feels silky and is a pleasure to hold. The print quality is excellent and adds to the value of the booklet as part of the exhibition.


Click HERE to view the online published exhibition supporting booklet. Opens in a new window.


Booklet InDesign
Figure 1: InDesign Layout


Booklet printer marks
Figure 2: Printer Proof 1


Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 09.37.41
Figure 3: Printer Proof 3


Videos of the booklet pages and the final printed version.



Exhibition Notes, Final Project, Project Development

Final Major Project: The Exhibition – The Website

Using a template from format.com, the project has a permanent online presence. Format specialises in websites for creative professionals, with dynamic and responsive themes that showcase my work. The website supports the exhibition, allowing those who could not attend to access the work. The site reflects the clean style of my exhibition.


Although available from 31st July 2018, the website was officially launched with a video posted to social media on 14th August 2108.


Website tour


Screenshots of website

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Exhibition Notes, Final Project, Practice Development, Project Development

Final Major Project: Invigilating the Exhibition

Boy, it is hard work! Being in the gallery all day every day is very tiring. I found after a few days, I needed to increase my Addison’s Disease medication in order for my body to cope.

But, this was very useful and rewarding. I was able to engage with my own work and with my audience in equal measures. Visitors were keen to express their views and to talk about the issues my work raised.interpreter, facilitator, demonstrator, guide

The role encompassed that of an interpreter, facilitator, guide, and technician to sort out issues with digital photo frames etc. I had discussions with visitors daily about whether or not we can trust a face online and how it causes issues for some people.

Being able to explain my intention, the visitors were able to experience the work as I had intended. Getting feedback from them directly has also been incredibly useful for my future work. I know that I have received more feedback than some of my peers and that, I believe, is down to invigilating the exhibition myself.

I also love the reaction of visitors to my work. It adds validation to the ideas I set out with. Prior to the exhibition, I was doubting the power of the work. Seeing it on the wall every day for 12 days and listening to visitors, I now believe in the strength of the images.


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Final Major Project: The Exhibition – #Landings2018

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 01.29.58 (2)

Link to site

In the same manner as 2017, the MA team at Falmouth are hosting an ‘art-trail’ type collection of self-initiated, small-scale local exhibitions or installations of work.

The idea is that work will be displayed around the world by students and the Landings website will be a hub to access the installations. I have linked my submission to my project website.

All students have been invited to take part.

The advertising images and trailer are below:



Accompanying PDF


My page in the PDF

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 01.29.58


Landings page screenshots



Landings 2018 Showcase. 2018. YouTube [online]. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC_dPqmxfrc&feature=youtu.be [accessed 15 August 2018].


Landings 2018 Searching for meaning. 2018. Landings.space [online]. Available at: http://landings.space/ [accessed 15 August 2018].

Photography Module 3: Surfaces and Strategies. 2018. Landings.space [online]. Available at: http://landings.space/landings18.html [accessed 15 August 2018].

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Final Major Project: Exhibition Edits – Image 5

Figure 1: The Mask of Divine Proportion 2018 Jo Sutherst

(Marquardt Beauty Mask)

The “golden ratio” proportions are found throughout nature. Dr. Marquardt carried out research that led him to develop a mask that defined a mathematical beauty code for the human face. In this image, I take the mask, apply it to my face and then edit my face in Photoshop to make it conform to the mask. The resultant image is in the bottom left-hand corner.

I chose to edit my image to meet the confines of the mask, and also to leave the edges of the edited images to show the degree of warping needed for my face to fit the mask. I have plans to develop this idea further by developing an interactive website where visitors can edit their own uploaded image. This is a tall task as I will need to learn how to code this (but it is an area of expertise for my husband, so I am hoping for a lesson or 2).


Self Self with mask of divine proportion
Edited self with mask of divine proportion Edited self


A video to support this image.


During the run-up to the exhibition and the event itself, this image has been the most talked about image. Viewers have been fascinated by the idea of a perfect face according to this mask.

This image is the inspiration for my next project. The domains for this project have already been acquired:-



The intent is to make the ‘Mask of Divine Proportion’ project as participatory as possible. Visitors to the site will be able to upload their image and manipulate it. The project is in its infancy at the moment and is planned for late 2019 release.

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Final Major Project: The Exhibition – Source Graduate Photography Online 2018

The Source Graduate Photography Online 2018 was officially launched late on 15th August 2018. My page will remain on the Source Magazine website permanently.

Link to my page on the Source website.





Hull, S. 2018. “Source: Graduate Photography Online – 2018 – Falmouth University – MA Photography”. Source.ie [online]. Available at: http://www.source.ie/graduate/2018/falmflexma/falmflexma_index.php [accessed 15 August 2018].

Hull, S. 2018. “Source: Graduate Photography Online – 2018 – Falmouth University – MA Photography”. Source.ie [online]. Available at: http://www.source.ie/graduate/2018/falmflexma/falmflexma_student_16_02_14_01-08-18/falmflexma_student_16_02_14_01-08-18.php [accessed 15 August 2018].

Exhibition Notes, Final Project, Project Development

Final Major Project: Exhibition Edits – Image 4

Figure 1: Lash Obsession 2018 Jo Sutherst

Mirroring the obsessive nature of selfies, this image was a challenge to complete.. These images are not digitally enhanced but instead are of me wearing many different pairs of false lashes in around 90 minutes. As I am allergic to the adhesive used, this image was always going to be a risky one to complete. With the help of makeup artist and friend, Alley Stallard, I set out to achieve 9 images. When we achieved that the obsession kicked in. I became obsessed with creating a bigger and bigger picture. I only gave up when my eyelids were so stuck together that it hurt to free them (see video at bottom of post).

During the exhibition, this image created much amusement. Viewers were amazed at the variety of false lashes available. There were also many comments on the obsession of the concept and execution of the image.


Figure 2: Viewers 2018 Jo Sutherst


The image names are created from the makeup reference numbers in the supporting booklet.






Exhibition Notes, Final Project, Project Development

Final Major Project: Exhibition Edits – The Digital Displays


The content of each display:-

Props, wigs and makeup trials

Images showing how much my appearance can be altered by using makeup, different props, masks, and wigs.


Beauty gadgets

Trialling different facial beauty enhancers from around the world.


Instagram Gallery

Mirroring my Instagram image collection which combines words and images.


Instagram Gallery

Mirroring my Instagram image collection as individual images.


Facial recognition software

Using Microsoft Azure Face Software – Face detection

The software is used to detect one or more human faces in an image and get back face rectangles for where in the image the faces are. This is similar to the software used on Facebook when tagging images.  The software also delivers information about the face –  age, emotion, gender, and whether or not the person is wearing glasses. Uploading my images into the software, my age varies from 20 to 62, and my gender is determined as mostly female, although in some images the software determines that I am male!


Make me more appealing for Instagram

I asked photo editors and retouchers around the world to enhance my portrait to make it “more appealing for Instagram”.

The edits are each compared against the original.  Edits were collected from the following locations:- Canada, India, Mexico, China, California, Hungary, Vietnam, Texas, New York, London, Bangladesh, Australia.


Beauty gadgets and behind the scenes videos

Various videos running on a loop showing behind the scenes and trials of different facial beauty enhancers from around the world. (Please note that parts of this video have no sound)